the playroom between a hard and a soft place

Art + Soul Gallery presents Vancouver artist Marcia Pitch

Art + Soul Gallery, 1277 Robson St., Vancouver
Curator: Johann Peter Wieghardt
the playroom: between a hard and a soft place
Painting and collage on canvas by Marcia Pitch
Opening June 27, 7-10pm.
Exhibition to August 2.

the playroom: between a hard and a soft place
Vancouver artist Marcia Pitch has returned to the “painted canvas” after years of work in creating 3D assemblages and installation art. As with her previous work, this new series includes old toys and ordinary every day items and knick-knacks found in the domestic environment. Pitch has recast images of these objects in a new drama on the canvas using paint and collage. No longer cute, soft and squeaky, these toys are empowered, active and significant participants in imagined events. They appear to have left the world of childhood and seem now to be lodged somewhere on the periphery of the adult world. Disconcerting visions unfold as the viewer goes beyond the seductive first glance filled with profusion of color and texture and into layers and levels of more intricate and complex dramas. This remarkable body of work makes obvious references to Claus Oldenburg, American Pop artist and 17th century classical Dutch “genre” painter, Vermeer. She has entered the realm of post-modern realism with its complex map of late 20th century cultural expression, social directions, fantasies and anxieties. Through her sensitive use of color, witty composition, attention to detail and careful selection of images from popular culture print media, Pitch addresses the complex issues around growing up.

Winnipeg born Pitch received her B.F.A. from the University of Manitoba, followed by graduate work at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland California. She completed her teacher training at U.B.C. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows across Canada. A recipient of several Canada Council Grants, her work is in many private and public collections in North America and represented in numerous catalogues.

Ms. Pitch has devoted her life to art and working to provide children with what they need to reach their fullest potential. Because imaginary play with toys is instrumental in early childhood development, Pitch will be accepting toys, new or used, for donation to needy children on the opening night of the exhibition. These donations will be given to Crabtree Corner, an organization created as a resource and emergency centre for families living in the downtown east side.

Join us in “the playroom: between a hard and a soft place”
a rich visual experience of unique insights into an imagined world of childhood and toys.

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